Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Forthcoming events

On the 12 June SINTO is running a seminar on Supervisory skills. When we were planning this course it was pointed out that librarians sometimes find that they are in a supervisory role not because they have applied for a more senior job but because internal reorganisation has thrust them into this role. Whatever the reason, having to lead and motivate a team is a big challenge. Supervisory skills are transferable but this event is designed for library and information staff. It will give you a thorough grounding in the skills you need and confidence to put them into practice. The course is delivered by Stephanie Taylor of Critical Eye Communications. Attendees will receive a course handbook containing a summary and checklist for each section of the course, a follow-up session and useful online and offline resources.

On the 27th June Ronnie Young delivers a course on assertiveness. This event is about understanding and developing assertive behaviour in the workplace: how to be, not passive..., not agressive..., but assertive.

We all have to deal with other people - our customers, colleagues and bosses. Yet sometimes we may feel we are being ignored, manipulated or intimidated. Do we back-away from confrontation or let the anger bubble up - or is there a better way?

Led by Ronnie Young, this course will help you understand assertive behaviour and apply it in everyday situations. It will teach you to become more confident in yourself and in dealing with other people. This course is aimed at staff at all levels from libraries, archives and museums who have to deal with other people. It will be of value to front-line staff dealing with users, and to supervisors and managers dealing with other staff.

Go to the SINTO web site for further details and booking forms.

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