Monday, 2 July 2007

Wilson Carlile College Library

It is not often that I come across a library on my patch that I was not aware of so it was a pleasent surprise to receive an e-mail from the librarian of the Wilson Carlile College library in Cavendish Street, Sheffield. This library has been here for some time and was a member of SINTO before I started in this post.

Wilson Carlile College of Evangelism is run by the Church Army, a society of evangelists linked to the Anglican Church. The library claims to be the most significant theological library in South Yorkshire, containing over 17,000 volumes. Although it is an excellent resource for the study of evangelism, the scope of the library is wide-ranging. Alongside books on theology and mission are collections relating to world religions, ethics, feminist theology, theology through film, church history, lifelong learning and ministry among children and young people, older people and homeless people.

The library also offers a tranquil place to work away from the distractions of everyday life.

The library is keen to attract new users. All are welcome to use the library free of charge for reference and study purposes and membership with borrowing rights is available for a small fee. The library is applying to join SINTO and SYALL and would be happy to consider requests for loans from other SINTO members. The library catalogue is available on-line.

Are there any other undiscovered libraries in our area I wonder? If you know of any candidates, let me know.

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