Monday, 26 November 2007

CILIP YH Members' Event

Dave Pattern

On Friday I attended the CILIP Yorkshire & Humber Branch Members' day at the National Science Learning Centre, York University. The programme kicked off with a presentation by Dave Pattern, Library Systems manager who gave a barnstorming presentation on Web 2.0 - it's OK to play. In this he gave a taster of the wide range of sites and services that are available in the wonderful world that is Web 2.0 and provided the links to encourage the audience to go out there and try them out.

It was a comprehensive (if at times overwhelming) introduction to the subject and an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to know "what is this Web 2.0 thing all about?" At the end of it all the audience may have been asking "what is the point of it all?" but that is another issue.

Dave has provided a listing of links and a link to his presentation on his blog.

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