Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Small earthquake in Sheffield

Like many other people I was suddenly woken last night by an earthquake. There does not seem to have been much damage but someone in Barnsley was hurt when a chimney collapsed. Does anyone have any information about damage caused to libraries in our area? Has anyone lost any books from their shelves? Or has anyone put on a quick display of books about earthquakes?

If there are any local history librarians out there you might be interested in the Earthquake thread on the Sheffield Forum. It's a snapshot of how people reacted to the event as it happened.


toni12 said...

im live in lincershar and i saw a chimney fall down i was awake at the time and it just clapsed and a liberey and it was rewind

toni12 said...

hi it me agan aparontley a man saw a car nerly rolled over and he said he found books on the street of the liberey door