Friday, 4 April 2008

Leicester University Library Toilets

This picture is taken from the Facebook group Leicester University Library Toilets Appreciation Society ( here but you have to be registered with Facebook).
The Group was set up to celebrate the toilets in the new David Wilson university library. It probably only confirms suspicions that Facebook (and Social Computing in general) is about trivia - but the library itself does have a Facebook page. As far as I know the University of Sheffield Information Commons isn't on Facebook. Are they missing out on a marketing opportunity or just being sensible?


Hazel said...

It's not always about trivia but yes, I agree that a lego toilet is not the most intellectual of postings I've seen. Although a member of the Leicester Group I deny all responsibility for this! I joined to become part of the British Lbrary Entrepreneurs and SME Group -- and none of them are into lego toilets.

Martin said...

Actually the Information Commons spawned loads of Facebook groups after it opened in April last year (Happy Birthday tomorrow, IC), the busiest of which, given that it was the run-up to finals, was called "Procrastination in the IC". IC staff joined some of these groups and sometimes provided helpful comments and corrections, but we decided early on not to have a "managed" Facebook presence given all the other channels we use to communicate with students. And now Facebook is so last year!
Incidentally, click here to see how the IC inspires creativity in our students. We don't exactly encourage everyone to make videos in the IC, but this effort by some dental students in support of the charity Dentaid deserves a nod. Great editing!

Carl said...

For some reason Martin's link does not seem to work. The video on YouTube is called IC Girls and is at