Thursday, 2 April 2009


I have set up a Twitter account . I was reading Phil Bradley's article in CILIP Update (Gathering followers twitter in the skies. Update April 2009 p34-37) and he made it sound easy and useful! His guide at takes you through the steps of setting up an account.

Will it be useful? I see it as a part of the on-line community of interest that SINTO has developed including this blog, the web site and the wiki. I hope that Twitter users will be able to keep in touch with what SINTO is up to. But are there any Twitters out there in our regional libraryland? The University of Sheffield Library and the Information Commons both Twitter but so far I have not found any other libraries or librarians in the area that do. I am also following some other Twitters such as MLA and Debby Raven of the CILIP Gazette.

If you type Library into the Twitter search box you get about 600 hits but they are almost all US libraries. Like many Web 2.0 applications it is possible that Twitter is just a passing fad and if libraries ignore it for long enough it will go away. And yet in a way that is what modern communications are all about. If your library ignored the last fad (Facebook?), this fad and the next fad then how are you communicating?

I will try Twittering for a bit to see how it goes. Why don't you gaive it a go?

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