Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I have carried out a quick survey of my followers on Twitter to see if I am reaching my target audience. My core purpose in using Twitter is to communicate with Library and Information workers and organisations in the SINTO region, which is Yorkshire and the East Midlands. Beyond that I am happy to be followed by any LIS workers and organisations wherever they are.

The breakdown is as follows.:
Individual LIS workers in the SINTO region = 33
LIS organisations in the SINTO region = 8
Individual LIS workers not in the SINTO region = 62
LIS organisations not in the SINTO region = 30

On the whole I am happy with this. Obviously there are many more individual LIS workers and organisations in the SINTO region who are not following me on Twitter but presumably the vast majority of these are not Twitter users. I hope that I am communicating with these non-users through other means and if they feel that they are not getting the information about SINTO that they need then Twitter is there as an option for them. I am gratified that so many people not in the SINTO area are interested enough to follow me (or should that be not bothered enough not to follow me!)

SINTO can always add you to one of our direct mailing lists if you would prefer to receive information by e-mail rather than Twitter.


Archel said...

Interesting. Did you use any particular strategies to target the groups you wanted to communicate with? I'm currently thinking about how to increase/target followers for our library http://www.twitter.com/blds_library

Carl said...

I began by locating Twitterers and seeing who they followed and who followed them. When I found people or organisations of interest I would follow them & hope they would follow me back. I also advertise the SINTO twitter to our members as part of the SINTO on-line community of practice http://extra.shu.ac.uk/sinto/Community%20of%20interest/Community.htm