Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bob Brighton

Bob Brighton is a British contemporary artist who specialises in brightly coloured abstract works of art. Brighton's paintings are typically unstretched pieces of raw hessian, cotton and flax - sandwiched together, soaked in colour and pinned directly to the gallery wall.

What makes Bob stand out is that he does not sell his pictures, instead he gives them away to public institutions including libraries.

Bob donated a substantial number of pictures to the University of Sheffield Information Commons in 2007 and now he has given a collection to hang in the Computer and Internet Centre in the Sheffield Central Library. Bob can be contacted via his website.


Tom ~Bradford said...

Hi Carl, just wondered how you got to here about Bob and what inspired you to feel you had to write this blog post. He seems to be the most underestimated force in modern times and it's about time the world caught up with him.


Carl said...

Hi Tom. The purpose of my blog is to keep librarians in our area informed of news and issues of interest. Bob has donated pictures to two of our local libraries so I thought it would be of interest to other libraries.

Tom said...

Glade such a service is in operation and that it's well man'd. Have you met Bob? I gather you have seen all the paintings, I'm uncertain but I believe several more works have been sent to Libraries in Sheffield, Manchester Uni is getting a big haul and Imperial College seem to have done well also. Hope you all enjoy the works, I live down south and am more than a triffle jealous.