Monday, 23 May 2011

Developing and managing e-book collections

Developing and managing e-book collections on a budget 8th July 2011

A recent report in The Guardian on the popularity of e-books points out that both Waterstone’s and Amazon in the UK say that sales of e-books outstrips the sale of hardback books while in the USA Amazon sells 105 e-books for every 100 print books.

In April The Guardian looked at the growth of e-book lending by UK public libraries. Phil Bradley, vice president of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (Cilip), was reported as saying: "It's a 24/7 service; you don't have to physically look after the books; you're able to get books to people who can't get to the library, such as shift workers and those who live in rural areas; the readers can choose the size of the font, which helps the visually impaired; it's flexible and it helps to outreach library service."

As part of our Preparing for the Future programme, SINTO is offering an course to help your library service prepare for the impact of e-books.

Developing and managing e-book collections on a budget: an introduction is designed to support libraries in any sector that are beginning to set up e-book collections. The course will also facilitate consideration of the new opportunities e-books offer for libraries and users in academic, public and special library and information services, and will explore some of the significant collection management and promotional issues which challenge information and library staff.

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