Thursday, 8 December 2011


Cessation of the Sheffield Union List of Serials
Over the past year SINTO has conducted a review of SULOS in order to establish the value it offers within the context of today's enriched and developing resource discovery landscape. Opinion was sought from the wider SINTO community and this process culminated in a workshop focussing on resource discovery held in August 2011.

After the consultation process, SINTO has decided that SULOS no longer meets the community’s changing needs and that the value added by a physical union catalogue is not commensurate with the costs of maintaining and updating it.

SINTO members can now however access the new SINTO resource discovery landing page hosted by the University of Sheffield.

In particular, this provides details of serials holdings via SUNCAT, monograph information via COPAC & details of walk-in access to electronic journals.

The SINTO ILL scheme will continue to act as a cost effective means of obtaining documents from local libraries & the SYALL agreement continues to provide users with access to libraries in the region for reference & study.

For further information see the SINTO Resource Discovery guide.

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