Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Library Show 2009

The Library Show is traditionally strong on library management systems and library furniture suppliers and most people go to get information from a range of suppliers. However one benefit of attending the show is the serendipty of finding suppliers that you weren’t looking for but are still of interest.

In the spirit of "we go to the library shows and drink the overpriced coffee so you don't have to" here is a random list of some exhibitors at the show you may have missed.

Harwell Support Services. Restoration of library and archive collections after fire and flood.
The Library of Birmingham. Plans for the new Birmingham Central Library
Sight and Sound Technology. Solutions for the blind or visually impaired and for people with learning and reading disabilities.
ICC. Business information services
Bailey Solutions. Library management systems, knowledge management and research tracking for smaller library systems.
Spectrum Plastics. Durable plastic library cards and other encapsulated products.
Action Deafness Books Supplier of Sign Language Books and DVDs
Access-it Software. Library management system designed for schools and colleges.
Go Green Bags Company. Eco-friendly bags.
Carel Press. Library promotional material for school and other libraries.
MultiScreen Channel. Using television to communicate with library visitors in-house.
DLT Media. Supplying libraries and businesses with magazines.
Digitorial. UKPressOnline Newspaper Archive (Daily and Sunday Express,Daily and Sunday Star and Daily Mirror).

and last but not least
The Amazing Adventures of Curd the Lion and us in the land at the Back of Beyond by Alan Gilliland
A self published children's book. Not the first writer to think they can match Lewis Carol, but this whimsical nonsense story stands out because of its illustrations by the author and it has a local setting - Brimham Rocks in the Yorkshire Dales.


Alan Gilliland said...

Dear Carl,
Thank you for mentioning my book, but I would like to politely correct the mistaken attribution of quotes made by critics (comparable with Lewis Carroll) to myself, the author.
I have not set myself up as being anything other than myself. Others make comparisons.
So in one sense you are right, I am “Not the first writer to think they can match Lewis Carol” because I do not, except in the following sense: “But Carroll did not receive any editorial input from Macmillan, and had to bear all the costs of illustration, paper and binding himself. It cost him a fortune.

When I first learned that he'd paid for it all himself, out of his rather meagre salary, I warmed to him. Here he was, a totally unknown author, believing in himself and prepared to take a risk.

He was painstaking about the production of his books, ensuring that the illustrations should be on the same page as the text to which they related, and making sure that every detail was as perfect as it could be.” (quoting Jenny Woolf, From Somewhere in Time)

Hazel said...

Thank you for this post, Carl. I didn't know that you would drink the over-priced coffee so I didn't have to but I couldn't fit Birmingham as well as Cambridge, Northampton and London into two days - something had to give and it turned out to be The Library Show.

KWiddows said...

The LIS Show was great - and it was really good to meet you Carl! Thanks for the links to exibitors, I'm feeling a bit cheeky so I'm just going to add a sneaky mention about the CILIP West Midlands stand - we were also there, and had just re-launched our CILIP WM blog which can now be found at