Thursday, 22 March 2007

New features on SINTO Wiki

The SINTO wiki continues to develop. As I mentioned in my previous post I have created a page for library & learning centre buildings which will focus on new builds and refurbishments in our area. I hope that librarians will use this to share information about new developments.

Also, Gilly Pearce has added a page about the SINTO Social Inclusion Group and one on the anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade. This lists information about events and activities in our area and nationally. We hope it will be a useful source of information for anyone working on similar projects and that people will add information about what they are doing.

I hope that everyone reading this will circulate the information to their colleagues and also that you will register with the site and encourage your colleagues to do the same. The wiki is intended to be a facility for the entire community of library workers in the area

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