Monday, 19 March 2007

SINTO Website

This blog and the SINTO wiki at are new experimental projects intended to supplement the long established SINTO website at The website has just been revised and improved by my colleague Gilly Pearce. We have kept to the same simple design that we used before but it has been tidied up and I think that the front page gives a much clearer view of what is available on the website.

The SINTO website will remain the main source of information about SINO and its activities. The blog and the wiki will provide extra services, including the opportunity for interaction and user feedback. You will find links to the blog and wiki from the website.

While setting this up we have been having problems with the link from the SINTO website to the wiki. All the other links worked OK but this one just would not work. In the ed it turned out that this was because of the settings on our browsers which had to be adjusted. What we need to know is does anyone else have the same problem? Could you go to the SINTO website and try the link at the bottom of the page under Quick Links? If you do have a problem let me know.

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