Thursday, 20 December 2007

Business informatiom

This will be my final posting for 2007 so Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I started this blog in February and my hit counter statistics indicate that I get about 10 views on average every day during the working week. This is not overwhelming but does indicate a moderate level of interest. If you do find the blog of interest, please spread the word.

But this is a working blog so let's get down to business - the SINTO Business Information Newsletter to be exact. I have just published issue 30 for December 2007 and distributed it to my mailing list. here are some of the "highlights".

A free online advice service aimed at small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs, has been launched recently. The new service, funded by the UK government, aims to improve the success rate of British businesses.
The site will offer impartial, expert advice to businesses and provide access to a comprehensive library of resources, including an online community for businesses and entrepreneurs to network and share knowledge.
The online panel will include former dragon in the BBC’s ‘Dragon’s Den’ and Chairman of Library House, Doug Richard and Al Gosling, founder and CEO of The Extreme Group.

Business Information Blog
ADSET Business Information Blog (no relation to the Adsetts Learning Centre) is aimed at small businesses and carries regular postings about a range of business related news stories. It seems particularly good on news about new legislation.

Translation on-line
Barbara Verble provided a list of online translation services in Freepint.

* Omniglot
* FreeTranslation
* WorldLingo

See you next year.
Carl Clayton


Hazel said...

Hi Carl
Thanks for the promo -- glad that you think I'm good on legislation. I do *try* to keep up as, indeed, I do on information management issues in general.
A small, but important (to me) point is that it's ADSET's (with apostrophe and a possesive s) blog as in it's not *mine* but belongs to the organisation. As is the careers and more general information blog that I also manage on behalf of the ADSET membership.
Happy Christmas

Hazel said...

Oh ---- rude word, there should be a comma after the (to me)! That'll teach me to publish without previewing!