Tuesday, 4 December 2007

eep - the educational evidence portal

Julia Reed of the Department for Children, Schools and Families has sent me details of an online resource dedicated to and for educational professionals. The educational evidence portal, eep, aims to provide practical evidence and research materials to underpin practice and policymaking. Documents from leading education organisations have been collated in one, easily accessible, searchable site making information and evidence on a wide and ever-growing range of topics freely available.

This will be an important resource for libraries providing information about education but should also be a resource for many librarians as our work overlaps with and is influenced by education. I did a quick search using the keywords 'promoting', 'reading' and 'libraries' and found a number of interesting documents. This included the text of a speech launching the National Year of Reading although the document contained no details of who had delivered the speech, when or where. Still, evidence based practice is the name of the game and this site should prove useful.

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