Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Flamboyant librarians

The screening of the Hollywood Librarian on the 19th June has attracted bookings from over 100 librarians and friends of librarians. There is no official collective noun for information professionals but a stack of librarians seems to fit the bill.

Most of the audience appears to be library staff who are interested in seeing how the profession is represented on the big screen. I had hoped that some heads of service would take the opportunity of inviting their senior management or elected members along to the film as a way of promoting the service but I have no indication that this is happening. We don't often get the opportunity to promote the value of libraries and it would be a pity if this was not grasped with both hands.

On the tickets for this screening I have said that the dress code is "flamboyant librarian". This is not to be take too seriously - I know that most people will be coming directly from work and will not have an opportunity to dress up - but it would be nice if people could use the Hollywood theme to chalenge the usual image of librarians, even if it just among ourselves. There will be a small prize for the most flamboyant librarian on the night.

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Gareth said...

I believe the collective noun for a librarian is a shoosh - or so Uncyclopedia would have us believe ;)