Friday, 16 May 2008

Skills - new and old.

At the Library and Information Show, Roy Clare and John Dolan of MLA both made the point that public libraries needed to be fully engaged with the digital environment and Web 2.0.

Some forthcoming events from SINTO will help library and information services in our region to respond to this challenge.

The SINTO Members' Day on the 12th June asks "Why do we do what we do?" Do we have the evidence that proves that what we do is meeting the needs of our users or is the most effective use of our resources? This day will look at how research can inform professional practice. Keynote speakers are Dr Ian Rowlands, author of Information Behaviour of the Researcher of the Future and Juliet Eve of the University of Brighton with a presentation Academics are from Mars, practitioners are from Venus.

Advanced Internet searching led by Stephanie Taylor on the 17th June will cover what is a core skill for all information professionals. This course will examine techniques that will enable staff to find relevant and authoritative information efficiently. Stephanie Taylor will take delegates through the latest search tools and techniques. Each person will have their own PC for hands-on practice. This is the Google Generation but information professionals need to be ahead of the field.. We must be better at finding information tham our users.

And just because we have to embrace the new does not mean we abandon the old. A Brief Introduction to Cataloguing and Classification on the 3rd June covers another core skill in information handling.

Contact the SINTO office for more information.

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