Thursday, 27 January 2011

More with less

A free seminar from Credo Reference

How to do more with less (or even nothing!)
Wednesday 23 February, 2.00 – 4.30-ish

Sheffield Central Library

Free of charge
Invitation open to non subscribers, too

In this climate of cuts and closures, it’s vital that libraries make the most of their online resources. Pete Ciuffetti, Credo’s Director of Library Solutions, will talk about some of Credo’s radical new ideas to help all libraries - his plans will benefit public libraries, schools, colleges and universities, too, whether Credo subscribers or not. Most of it is very down to earth, but he’ll also be talking about open source and cloud computing, so you might want to bring a technical colleague along (if you’re as non-technical as I am). And he wants to hear what you all need!

Thanks to Karen Wallace at Sheffield Libraries who has kindly offered to host this seminar.

Can you please RSVP to me, if you’d like to come along, and who you’d like to bring, or if you have any questions?

If 23rd Feb doesn’t suit, there’s another seminar in Oldham on 22nd Feb so contact me for details.

Pete’s also running a series of online seminars; please visit
Credo Reference is proud to sponsor Voices for the Library

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