Thursday, 27 January 2011

Pancakes & Mash

Hello Carl,

You may have already spotted this on the wires... we're running a Mashed Library technology 'un-conference' in Lincoln on the 8th of March.

I'd be more than happy to waive the £12 admin fee for any SINTO members who would like to attend but who might have problems securing funding from their employer.


Announcing Mashed Library "Pancakes and Mash", a library technology 'un-conference' taking place at the University of Lincoln on 8 March 2011 (Shrove Tuesday). Booking is now open, costing only £12.

"Mashed Library is about 'bringing together interested people and doing interesting stuff with libraries and technology' - feel free to join if you have an interest in libraries, technology, or both." ~ taken from:

Pancakes and Mash will run between 10.00 - 16.30 in and around the EMMTEC building on the University of Lincoln's Brayford Pool campus in the centre of Lincoln. There will be social events the night before (and possibly the night after) the conference. A first draft of the programme - plus details of available options for travel and accommodation in Lincoln - will follow shortly.

Booking is now open to all, via:

There's a £12.00 (£10.00+VAT) administration charge for each booking.

If you have any questions, please email me.

I look forward to seeing you there,

Paul Stainthorp MSc
Electronic Resources Librarian
University of Lincoln
GCW University Library
Brayford Pool

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