Wednesday, 6 June 2007

From the blogs

I have just spent an hour checking up on my RSS feeds with Bloglines. There were a lot of new entries in my 13 feeds and most of them were things that I didn't really have to know but were very interesting. I suppose you could argue that this is the problem with blogs - they can distract you from your "real work" but on the other hand I think that information professionals do need this wide perspective.

So what did I learn. From Sheila Webber I discovered a reference to an article about library blogging which lists 213 library blogs - that is blogs by librarians but excluding official library blogs. Many of them are American but it does have international coverage.

Tim Coates is continuing to challenge public libraries in various ways. One posting is about the backlog of books awaiting processing before they go onto the shelves. Another looks at recruitment in public libraries and if this is a "closed shop"? Pete Smith from Rotherham picks up on this.

Finally Lyndsay Reese-Jones is blogging from the SLA (Special Libraries Association) conference in Denver, Colorado and giving a flavour of some of the presentations.

There is a list of some library blogs on the SINTO wiki. If you have your own favourites please add them.

Oh, and the photo? Not a library this time but a famous Sheffield landmark - the factory where they make Henderson's Relish!

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