Thursday, 28 June 2007

Quietly flows the Don

The river Don by Lady's Bridge, Sheffield, today.

It is flowing quietly at the moment but the forecast is for heavy rain at the weekend and the danger of more flooding. Apart from that things are getting back to normal.

SINTO is organising its programme of CPD events for the second half of the year. At the moment some of the dates are provisional but I am starting to put information on the SINTO web site. It is a wide ranging programme and there should be something of interest to everyone. I will be posting about individual events in more detail later on. I decide on the courses we are going to run in consultation with the SINTO special interest groups but if you have any suggestions for courses please contact me. It was recently suggested that SINTO should run a course for CILIP Chartership candidates. I will get in touch with the CILIP Career Development Group for Yorkshire & Humber about this but I am keen to do something. If you are a Chartership candidate or know of any please get in touch.

I got into work this morning to find the campus was closed because of impending power cuts. I walked into town, took a picture of the Don (above) on my mobile phone, e-mailed it to myself and then went to the Central Public Library to use the people's network. Here I logged into Blogger to access Sintoblog and downloaded the photo for this post. Nothing remarkable in this and I am still very much a digital immigrant with a very strong accent (see previous posts), but it does show how far we have come in the past few years.

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