Monday, 4 June 2007

Information Commons

Todays photo is of the new University of Sheffield Information Commons building. This building has 7,800 square metres of space, 1,300 study spaces, 100,000 volumes on the shelves and 500 PCs (I have to confess I have not counted this myself - I just took it from the press release). If you want to know more go to the web site. There are plenty more photographs including a couple of live web-cams so if you want to look at a library all day now is your chance! At the very least you can use it to check out the weather in Sheffield.

What you can't do unless you are a registered member of the University is to visit the Information Commons. For a variety of reasons - primarily pressure on space and secutity issues - the University has decided that public access will not be permitted. However the University is committed to the SYALL access agreement and access to library services is available through the Main Library, St George's Library and Health Sciences Library. Special open days will be organised later.

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