Friday, 5 October 2007

Bits & pieces for Friday

Gaudi's Casa Batllo, Barcelona.

I have mentioned before how Youtube is a source of unflattering images of librarians so it's only fair to draw attention to a more positive video. Experimentarium for Children from Aarhus Public Library is a video about a consultation with children on the design for a new library. It's a very well produced programme combining animation with live footage. The soundtrack is Danish with English subtitles. It is hard to imagine that many of the ideas put forward by the children could be put into practice. One wants a combined bookcase and climbing frame while another wants the library to include a pond and a bonfire! Still it's nice to see young people thinking of a library as an exciting place to be.

Unfortunately Derbyshire did not win the 2007 Love Libraries Award - it went to Lancaster's Get it loud in libraries project.

I hate to think what the "red top" media might make of it but I was interested to see that Sheffield Hallam University Learning centre has recently been developing a collection of video games and an Interactive Media Resources Room (IMRR) in the Adsetts Centre to support students studying courses in game design, animation and development. Yes - students are sitting there playing video games as part of their course! The video games industry is an important employer and video games deserve to be considered as creative works of art as much as films. I don't know if SHU is planning to build up an archive of out-of-print games for historical research. Perhaps they will want my collection of games for the Dragon 32?

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