Monday, 1 October 2007

Business Information

For some time now I have been producing a Business Information Newsletter. This comes out roughly every month and contains snippets about sources of information that may be of interest to businesses or business information services. I produces it as a Word document and e-mail it out to a mailing list of subscribers. It is free of charge to existing SINTO members and anyone can be added to the mailing list on request.

This newsletter is in effect a blog and I have been thinking of merging the two but for the moment I will continue to produce it in its present format. However I will include some extracts in this blog.

The current issue (No 29 October) has a theme of business information about other countries:
  • Onkosh is a search engine portal which specialises in finding anything in Arabic or Arabic-related in English or French.
  • Freepint recently had an article on sources of information about China.
  • The International Monetary Fund produces a bi-annual World Economic Outlook database containing macroeconomic data for individual countries.

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Hazel said...


I'd love to get your business information newsletter but it would really be better to be blogged, wouldn't it?
In the meantime you can go and read my business blog