Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Social Computing Two

Stephanie Taylor, an independent trainer, has run two courses for SINTO on Social Computing. These have been introductions to wikis, blogs and RSS feeds and have proved to be very successful.

On the 6th November Stephanie is running Social Computing Two which takes the study of Social Computing (or Web 2.0 if you prefer) further. In this course she will be looking at tagging, bookmarks and social networks. These are tools and techniques that people use to organise information, and information professionals need to be familiar with these. Stephanie provides a very user-friendly introduction to this subject which is useful for anyone who feels that they are being left on the wrong side of the digital divide.

An important part of Stephanie's courses is that participants don't just get the one day of training. You also get an on-line follow up session and access to a social computing wiki page about the course. This wiki page will also be set up before the course so that you can find out more about the course and indicate what it is that you want to learn before you get there. You will find this page here.

If you want further information and to book for this event please contact the SINTO office (0114 225 5739) or go to our web page.

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